Kristin Conley


Director of Financial Services

Kristin Conley began her career with the Norfolk Sheriff's Office in 1993. She has twenty-two years of finance experience within the department.

Kristin worked her way up through the ranks and most recently served as the NSO’s Budget Manager.

Her thorough knowledge of the state’s budgetary cycle and process and her strong work performance led to her promotion to the position of the NSO’s Fiscal Director.

Director Conley oversees the day to day budgetary and fiscal management of the Sheriff’s Office and makes short and long term budgetary projections for the agency. She develops and submits annual budgets and spending plans required by Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Administration and Finance and the House and Senate Ways and Means Committees.

Kristin also oversees the procurement of all goods and services for the NSO and monitors the agency’s internal controls. Director Conley supervises the processing of all contracts for vendors and serves as a liaison for the Department with all entities providing services for the department. She oversees their invoices and payments.

As a member of Sheriff Bellotti’s executive team, Director Conley interacts with other senior managers as the NSO sets its spending priorities for each fiscal year. She is a regular participant at the command staff meetings and provides periodic information on the fiscal status of the NSO to other senior managers.

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