Assistant Deputy Superintendent

Assistant Deputy Superintendent Reilly began his career with the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office in 1985. 

He attended the Plymouth County Correctional Academy where he
received the top academic award.

He worked as a Correction Officer until 1988 when he was promoted
to Sergeant.  In 1992, he was promoted to Lieutenant and worked as a Facility Shift Commander for seven years.  

In 1999, he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Deputy Superintendent and worked in operations.  

Steve joined Internal Affairs in 2003.  He has supervised IA and NSO employees assigned to task forces for several years. 

Reilly wrote the history of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office and of the Village Avenue Jail when the current facility opened in 1992.  In 1994, he received Sheriff Marshall’s Attitude is Everything Award.  ADS Reilly has been trained in the Reid Technique, PREA, and in 2007, graduated from the Roger Williams Justice System Training and Research Institute.   In 2013, he attended the Innovation in Criminal Justice Summit which was taught by the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.  He has also attended numerous Internal Affairs seminars, AJA, NIJ and ACA trainings.  Reilly serves as the NSO’s liaison to the District Attorney’s Office and is a member of a number of task forces throughout Norfolk County.