DEDHAM, MA, Jan. 17, 2012 – Norfolk County Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti has introduced two new programs designed to compel inmates to be more responsible for themselves and their families. The programs are part of the sheriff’s overall mission of reducing crime by preventing inmates from reoffending after they finish serving their jail sentences.

   Starting in February, the two new programs will address the topics of proper parenting and responsible money management.

    “Many inmates at the jail come from dysfunctional homes where they did not have role models on how to be a good parent or how to manage finances in a way that benefits an entire family,” Sheriff Bellotti said. “It’s unfortunate but true that a lot of these men simply do not have the fundamental skills that most of us take for granted.

    “While these inmates must always bear the responsibility for their criminal actions, we have the opportunity to change them while they are incarcerated. By giving them some basic tools, we can stop the cycle of crime so that the next generation of kids grows up with a better chance to succeed,” he added.

    The parenting program will address issues such as reunification with family and age-appropriate discipline. The money management program will cover topics as basic as establishing and managing a checking account and how to deal with debts and fees accumulated during incarceration.

    “Our guiding philosophy is that these programs must benefit the larger law-abiding community. Otherwise, we would not put them in place,” Sheriff Bellotti said. “When we stop offenders from reoffending and when we stop criminal tendencies from being passed along to a new generation, everyone wins.”


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