Programs for the Community

Sheriff Bellotti realizes that his public safety mission extends beyond the walls of the Norfolk County Correctional Center. He particularly is concerned with protecting our senior citizens and our young people. The programs listed below are extremely effective because the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office has established itself over the years as a trustworthy community institution that is manned by highly trained professionals who are your neighbors throughout the county.


“Are you OK?” provides safety and security for elderly people living alone. Each morning, 365 days a year, an officer from the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office places a phone call to check on the well-being of people who have signed up for the program. If they fail to answer or indicate they need emergency aid, the officer summons help immediately.

Sheriff Bellotti introduced the free-of-charge program into Norfolk County in 2001. Since then, officers have registered over 70 saves by calling for help for seniors who suffered falls or a variety of other medical problems. Fallon Ambulance Service became a partner with Sheriff Bellotti in administering the program in 2009.

People interested in learning more about “Are You OK?” or signing up for the program should call the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office toll-free at 1-866-900-7865 (RUOK).

Click here for more information on "Are You OK?"


Sheriff Bellotti became involved with Project Lifesaver in 2004 and was the first person to bring the internationally-acclaimed program into New England. The sheriff serves as the statewide coordinator for Project Lifesaver, which joined forces in 2009 with LoJack SafetyNet to protect people with Alzheimer’s disease, autism and other afflictions whose sufferers tend to wander away from home and become lost.

About 85 people ranging in age from 4 to 81 across Norfolk County are signed up for the program, which uses electronic bracelets that can be tracked with sophisticated equipment manufactured by LoJack SafetyNet.

“We have a search-and-rescue team on call around the clock to respond when someone is reported lost. The key to the program’s success is the quick response and ‘find time,’” Sheriff Bellotti said. “Since we brought Project Lifesaver into the region in 2004, 31 Norfolk County clients have been reported lost, and all have been found within 30 minutes of our being notified.”

More information and eligibility guidelines for Project Lifesaver can be obtained by calling the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office at 781-751-3577.

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Triad is a program that the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office runs by working with local councils on aging to put senior citizens in touch with any and all pertinent public safety and social service organizations in their area. Through regular meetings, Triad facilitates two-way communication that allows seniors to directly voice their concerns, while police and fire officials and any number of other safety and health organizations can make the seniors aware of relevant programs.

Anyone wishing to learn more about Triad may call the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office at 781-751-3516.


File of Life

The Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office has distributed more than 90,000 Files of Life. The free-of-charge kits consist of an information card listing all medications a person uses and all special health conditions he or she has. The card is kept inside a bright red vinyl sleeve marked “FILE OF LIFE,” which the users post on their refrigerator or some other highly visible place. In the event of a medical emergency, a File of Life allows paramedics and EMTs to administer the correct treatment quickly. 

Files of Life can be obtained by calling the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office 781-751-3577.


Sheriff Bellotti offers inmate labor to cash-strapped municipalities when local leaders contact the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office requesting help. Inmates have performed thousands of hours of work, cleaning and grooming ball fields in the spring, cleaning beaches, tending church and municipal cemeteries and painting municipal buildings.

The inmates volunteer for the work and are carefully screened before they are taken into the community and monitored on site at all times by a Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office staff member.

Agencies seeking help from Community Service labor crews should send a formal request to the attention of Sheriff Bellotti at the Norfolk County Correctional Center, 200 West St., Dedham, MA 02026.


In 1999, Sheriff Bellotti created the first-ever Victim Services Unit at the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office. The unit’s mission is to provide information and support services to crime victims, their families and other concerned individuals.

Sheriff Bellotti’s Victim Services Unit keeps victims informed about restraining orders, sentence terminations and pre-release assignments. The unit provides victims with safety planning, crisis intervention and referrals to community resources.

Sheriff Bellotti has formed partnerships with the White Ribbon Campaign, Employers Against Domestic Violence, Finding Hope for Children at Quincy Medical Center and Verizon Wireless’s Cells for Safety program. Under the Cells for Safety program, the Victim Services Unit collects old cell phones and turns them over to Verizon Wireless, who in turn replaces them with new phones with prepaid minutes and programmed with emergency numbers that domestic violence victims can use if they ever feel threatened by a tormenter.

Sheriff Bellotti is also dedicated to training law enforcement officials, business administrators and community members on domestic violence and related issues.

For more information, please contact the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office Victim Services Unit at 781-751-3390.


Each year, the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office takes hundreds of area school students and adult groups on tours through the Norfolk County Correctional Center in Dedham. The tours give them a first-hand look at this important piece of the criminal justice system. After viewing the inside of one of the state’s most modern correctional facilities, the tours often meet with a specially selected group of inmates who explain the poor choices they made that led to their incarceration.

Groups interested in touring the Norfolk County Correctional Center should call the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office during regualr business hours at 781-329-3705.