Public Safety Partnerships

Sheriff Bellotti believes the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office should serve as a partner with the citizens of the region and with law enforcement agencies throughout the area. Listed below are a number of the programs the sheriff has developed and partnerships he has entered into in order to accomplish that goal.

Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council

The Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council, also known as MetroLEC, is a consortium of more than 40 cities and towns in the suburbs west and south of Boston, primarily in Norfolk, Plymouth and Bristol counties. The Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office joined MetroLEC in 1999, soon after Sheriff Bellotti began his first term in office. MetroLEC provides highly specialized police services such as crowd control capability, a crisis negotiation team, special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team, mobile operations and a computer crime unit. By sharing resources and taking a regional approach, MetroLEC allows communities to be prepared for any emergency in a cost-efficient way.
Officers from the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) are specially trained to defuse situations involving large groups of people. In addition to highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment, the NCSO has a Mobile Command Vehicle that is available to the agencies throughout the MetroLEC area whenever it may be needed.
The Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be affiliated with multi-faceted agency such as MetroLEC that is on the cutting edge of law enforcement.

Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS)

The Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS) is a regional emergency notification system developed and operated by the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office with input from municipal law enforcement and public safety agencies throughout the county. Sheriff Bellotti was awarded Homeland Security grant money to develop the program. The RANS program is able to send voice messages through household phone lines or messages via email, text message, Twitter and Facebook in a chosen area when that area may be affected by a public safety emergency. The program can send messages to more than 1,000 recipients per minute. “The RANS system is extremely effective at directly reaching out to citizens to notify them immediately about precautions they may need to take,” Sheriff Bellotti said. “It is a great example of local communities working with larger agencies such as ours in a cooperative effort to keep residents safe." 

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Sex Offender Registry

The Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office runs an on-line notification system that allows Norfolk County citizens to enroll to be directly notified when Level 3 sex offenders take up residence in communities where those citizens live or work. The NCSO has staff dedicated full-time to keeping our system up to date with the latest accurate information affecting Norfolk County cities and towns.

K-9 Teams

The NCSO has two K-9 teams, each consisting of an officer and a dog, that are used in situations ranging from drug searches to crowd control. In recent months, the NCSO K-9 teams have participated in a lifesaving search for an elderly Alzheimer’s patient who wandered into a swamp and became lost and have assisted a local police department in locating guns and drugs hidden in secret compartments inside a suspect’s car. The K-9 teams also provide educational demonstrations of their capabilities when called upon at special events.

Data Sharing

The NCSO keeps detailed information about all inmates who enter the Norfolk County Correctional Center in Dedham. That information includes aliases, enemies, criminal tendencies and identifying physical characteristics such as tattoos and scars. The information is kept on a computer database than can be accessed by police agencies when they are trying to match particular information with a suspect. The system also alerts local police when an inmate is about to be released from the correctional center and return to their community.